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Youth Empowerment Adolescent Group

Is your child or student  experiencing stress, difficulty in school, or behavioral challenges?  This group is designed for middle and high school students (in separate groupings) to help them discover their true identity, find their unique strengths and abilities, and empower them to find their path forward to change, growth and happiness.  We will target skills including self-esteem, empowerment, social skills, stress management, communication, and safety to give each participant skills they can use to reach for their goals.

Learn Mindfulness - In Other Words, Live in the Moment


Notice the little things...

Horses are prey animals and in order to survive have learned to live in the present, noticing everything around them.  This is an important skills to learn to get the most out of life and will include learning relaxation techniques.

Increase Self Esteem

Moving a 1200 pound horse can sure give a person confidence!

Bear big pasture.jpg
Learn How to Cope with Stress

Learn problem solving and relaxation techniques through observation and activities with horse partners.

Find Inner Strength and Unique Identity

Every horse is unique and so are humans - our unique strengths make us who we are!

Groups can be designed to address teamwork, communication skills or any other issue you or your organization may need.  Please contact A Stable Connection Counseling Center to discuss the formation of a group specific to your needs.

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