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Sandra Inkrote, LCMHCA, NCC, MSed

Sandy has always had a passion (and has an extensive background) for working with children and teens and would like to expand her work with active duty military, veterans and first responders.  Combining her love for horses with her desire to help people live their best lives, she created A Stable Connection Counseling Center to help people experience healing and growth through equine assisted psychotherapy and learning. 


Sandy believes that people have within them everything they need to find solutions to their issues and that her role as their counselor is to help them find their strengths, build on them and use them to move forward.  Using a combination of equine assisted therapy with other evidence-based approaches will allow counselor and client to collaborate on setting and achieving goals that will enhance their well-being.


In addition to her degrees in education and counseling, Sandy has training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Grief Counseling for children and adolescents and is Natural Lifemanship trained and Eagala certified (an international, nonprofit organization that has set the professional standard of the provision of equine assisted therapy).  In addition to her twenty (plus) years of experience in the field of education, in recent years she has joined the Community Blueprint of Greater Ft. Bragg in an effort to expand her knowledge about the needs of the local military population.   

Sandy has two human children and numerous animals in addition to the four horses clients spend time with during equine assisted therapy.  In her spare time she loves to hike the waterfall trails of the Blue Ridge Mountains, read and relax with her kids and four-legged friends. Her farm is her happy place and she hopes you will find peace there too!

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