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Services Available

Individual Sessions

Clients work one-on-one with a licensed counselor to address issues affecting the client, set goals for the future and establish a specific plan of action, all in a safe, caring and confidential environment.  Any area is appropriate for exploration – self-esteem, relationships, family, school, career, spiritual concerns, sexuality, finances or anything else that affects a client's well-being.

Equine assisted psychotherapy

Using the tenets of both the Eagala model and Natural Lifemanship, horses are included as a member of the treatment team alongside the counselor and client.   Processing challenging life experiences can be easier with a horse.

veterans Services

Services are available for the military (active duty and veterans), first responders, law enforcement and medical professionals - anyone who is struggling with obstacles life has thrown in your way.    Sessions can include individuals, couples or families.

Family Counseling

In a family unit, each family member affects and is affected by each other member of the family.  Using a systemic family counseling approach, counselor and client (the family) will examine family roles, style of communication and other family dynamics to help each family member get their needs met while maintaining the family relationship.

Group Counseling

For some clients, participating in groups can provide support, new perspectives, and a safe environment in which to practice communication and social  skills. Groups can be designed to promote team building, communication, leadership and school programs.  Please contact A Stable Connection to discuss your group's goals.

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